Corporate Relocation

Corporate Relocation

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We understand how difficult it may be to relocate employees, but we have the solution. Our corporate relocation service is a high class solution that not only takes care of packing and moving but also other needs like cleaning, disposing, recycling etc.

This service is class apart and we will do anything and everything that’s been asked for. Be it running to the telephone company or getting the electrician fix a light. Specially designed for corporates, this service is unique and ultimate in its outcome. We can offer special packages for corporates with committed business.

Be it local, domestic or international relocation, we will take the stress away from you. We can also offer storage facility for short and long term use at highly competitive rates

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Our trained packing crew adheres to high global standards which helps in safe and sturdy packing of goods. We use trollies and modern equipment to minimize risk of damage, breakage and loss.

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